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The true impacts of a storm can be difficult to absorb solely through quantitative data. Often, the impacts of disasters are captured most understandably, through the personal stories of people who experienced it and faced the task of rebuilding their lives and communities in its wake. The stories told in the following case studies give a face, a picture, a name to the impacts the numbers describe and provide a source of best practices and lessons learned for future events.

Download Agriculture: Cooperation Crucial to Managing Livestock During a Disaster

Protecting livestock during and after a severe storm is a challenge for any community. This case study looks at how cooperation between state agencies, industry associations and volunteers can help minimize losses to farmers and ranchers.

Download City Planning: City Mobilizes Residents to Develop Recovery Plan

Galveston Island received damage to more than 75% of its structures. The Island used this as an opportunity to build a better community. This case study looks at how Galveston worked with citizens to create the Galveston Community Recovery Committee . Together, they developed the visions and goals for rebuilding the Island.

Download K-12 Schools: School District Proves Vital in Reestablishing Community

K-12 schools are a vital part of every community and critical to rebuilding a community after a severe storm. This case study details how Bridge City ISD’s quick response to the damage caused by Hurricane Ike enabled it to reopen its doors three weeks after landfall and help bring its citizens back to the community.

Download Preservation: City Works to Restore Community Character

For tourism-based communities, the character of the community is key to attracting visitors. This case study details how Galveston turned disaster into opportunity by turning damaged trees into artwork, further enhancing the unique character of Galveston Island.

Download Residential: Bridge City Residents Reestablish to Lost Homes

A devastating 90% of the homes in Bridge City were damaged during Hurricane Ike. This case study looks at the steps taken by Bridge City ‘s mayor and other citizen to restore infrastructure and allow citizens to begin repairing and rebuilding their homes.

Download Tourism: Tourism Rebounds as Beaches, Businesses Rebuild

Tourism is the primary industry on Galveston Island with 5.4 million tourist visiting in 2007. This case study discusses the steps Galveston Island took to quickly rebuild its tourism industry in time for the next season.

Download Vital Records: Tourism Rebounds as Beaches, Businesses Rebuild

A quick recovery from a severe storm can save a community millions of dollars, but in order for that to happen, responders must have access to up-to-date information about the community. This case study discusses the struggle emergency responders faced in one community due to lack of maps and other vital records.