Severe storms such as hurricanes and tornadoes can cause millions of dollars in damages to a community and much more in long term economic impact. Taking steps to become a disaster resilient community can lessen the financial impact of these storms as well as save lives, property and decrease recovery time which helps sustain the economic base of a community.

Instituting a community-wide disaster preparedness program is key to becoming disaster resilient. The preparedness program requires buy-in and cooperation from all aspects of the community. By involving both public and private industry as well as citizens in the preparedness efforts, the community can assess its full capabilities to prepare for, respond to and recover from a severe storm.

The graphic below illustrates the major components of a disaster preparedness program. Click on an option below to learn more.

Mini Cycle Diagram cycle_large_assesscycle_large_determinecycle_large_developcycle_large_conductcycle_large_evaluate